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Welcome to my portfolio. I’ve tried putting here a variety of my works – here are some recent photos and some old ones; I’ve even added a few collages, even though it’s not my usual style. So that you can now not only see my style but to feel my identity. Consider this a map of my emotions, my journey of life.

Please scroll down to learn more about me, but here are some basic facts: I'm from Russia, but I have lived in Serbia for almost ten years now; I consider myself an intersectional feminist; I'm a climate activist, and I used to pursue a modeling career. 


My inspiration

I love catching the emotions and revealing moments of life and putting them onto the screen. It's a kind of magic for me. I'm a perfectionist, so sometimes my friends have to stop me from making that "last" change (no, honestly, it's the last one). But even so, I somehow manage to respect my deadlines.

In my day-to-day life, I'm an activist.
Before the 24th of February, I concentrated my creativity on performances and videos for the climate movement. But then, my homeland Russia decided to attack Ukraine. So since then, I've been participating in the anti-war movement as well. Luckily, I live in Serbia, where I can do it freely.

These past months have shown that art is a powerful tool for spreading information. And it's also one of the few things that make the world livable for me.

I want to be a part of the art world; I want to be heard and do it through filmmaking. 



As you will see from this site, climate activism is a huge part of my life. I love the artistic part of it all: the performances, taking videos and photos of protests capturing people as they defend what they believe in.

The activism has pushed me to talk to people on the streets or those stuck in traffic because of our blockades which I would have never done before. It has been a constant challenge often exhausting both physically and mentally, but it's also been extremely rewarding as I have met some of the most open-minded people who have since then become my closest friends.

I believe that this world can become a better place and I hope that I can contribute to that through my creative work. The eco-activism was the first movement I met, but as I've found out through these years: there is no climate justice without social justice, so I want to dedicate a big part of my art to the human rights movements.

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SLOBODNA ZONA – the film festival

“The Free Zone” film festival was the first place where I’ve met independent films. I remember seeing “The reason I jump” by Jerry Rothwell for the first time here: I was shocked that the documentary film could also be this beautiful. See, before that, I couldn’t imagine mixing art and documentaries.

Since then, I’ve been trying to make my documentary photos both meaningful and artistic.

So when the chance to volunteer at this festival as a photographer arrived, I couldn’t miss it.

These are some of my favorite photos from the event: