The artists whose works I’ve seen on the internet had inspired me to experiment with the collage technic: I wanted to challenge myself by exploring new mediums. Therefore, I started researching the symbols relevant to the European world and was reminded of the ancient Greek and Rome myths.



I have heard that Medusa is the symbol of feminism multiple times, but I could not quite place where that information was coming from, so I started my research. I have discovered various versions of her myth, feminist interpretations, poems, and more. I knew I had to do something with all this information by its end, and the collage was the best medium for this.

In this collage, I used the pages from Vogue magazine and quotes from Ovid’s version of Medusa’s story and The Laugh of the Medusa by Helene Cixous. Using Vogue was very symbolic since I bought this magazine while pursuing a modeling career. It didn’t turn out that well for me. I am still recovering from it, so cutting and tearing apart this Vogue was cathartic.

All the letters used to form Medusa’s name are from the famous brans or magazines logos: Magaccessory, Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Prada.


the Price.jpg

the Price

Even when I was a child and first learned about Ikarus, I couldn’t understand why we centered him in the myth. His father was the one to come up with the idea of the escape; his father invented the wings, and he warned Ikarus about the danger. So, why do we portray Ikarus as the one who was the dreamer?

In this collage, I wanted to show that we often overview those who change our world and the sacrifices they make.

I used the photo of the plane crossing Everest for the first time, the photo from the Sidetracked travel magazine, and Didalus and Ikarus’s engraving.